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    I have come to expect the Spanish Inquisition..., 2008-02-13 10:26:34 | Main | It's like, a tiger! In Africa?..., 2008-02-13 15:50:01

    torture first, alibi later:

    Another one of Stafford Smith's clients, a Moroccan father of two who immigrated to England in the 1980's, Ahmed Errachidi, was committed for bipolar disorder long before the war on terror began. But he too was sold by Pakistan to United States authorities and eventually flown to Guantanamo. Stafford Smith recounts, "They're interrogating him and they ask him, 'Are you a foot soldier for Bin Laden?' Well he's psychotic at the time, so he says 'No, no I'm not a foot soldier for Bin Laden. I'm Bin Laden's general.' So they…announced publicly in the media that they had the general of al Qaeda—the leader of the military wing of al Qaeda." Errachidi also told his interrogators that a large snowball would soon envelop the earth, but that wasn't reported at any press conference. Last May, five years after he was seized, Errachidi was set free, when it was established that he was working as a cook at the Westbury Hotel in London at the time the United States government alleged he was training with al Qaeda in Afghanistan.
    That ain't shit! That's terrorism!
    Binyam Mohamed, who was arrested in Pakistan on a visa violation and then turned over to United States authorities, has developed a habit of smearing feces onto the walls of his cell. Stafford Smith says it's because he "suffered torture that really should have been left in the Middle Ages." On July 21, 2002, nearly two years before being transported to Guantanamo, he was flown on a CIA plane to Morocco where his captors took a razor blade to his genitals. Now, officials at Guantanamo claim he soils his cell as an act of defiance, but Stafford Smith believes it's the result of trauma. "Instead of treating him, they turn the water off in his cell as punishment which merely exacerbates the health problem. And the most recent thing they've done just last week is they've announced that if he doesn't clean his cell up they'll ban lawyers from visiting him."

    Capital punishment at the hands of a military kangaroo court in a detention system gulag like that will work just awesome.

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