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    to decrease our dependence on foreign oil McCain proposes increasing our dependence on foreign uranium:

    Like most people, McCain complains about Jimmy Carter a lot. The terrible things ascribed to him have become part of our national mythos, whether or not he did it, and usually especially if he didn't, and especially not if it was something that he really did do wrong. Whatever happens, it couldn't be worse than the Carter years. Quite often they're right.

    MCCAIN: I think the biggest problems with nuclear power are of our own making. Jimmy Carter decided back in '77 or '78, I don't remember exactly what year it was, but he said that we wouldn't reprocess spent nuclear fuel. That was a huge setback.

    But the credit for this one goes to the other favorite national scapegoat, Gerald Ford. With his trusty Chief of Staff Dick Cheney at his side, he issued a statement suspending reprocessing programs, explaining that it was a major proliferation risk. Indeed, a whee risk to the entire species. As the Ford Administration noted back then, "the reprocessing and recycling of plutonium should not proceed unless there is sound reason to conclude that the world community can effectively overcome the associated risks of proliferation".

    In case you haven't noticed the bulging eyeballs popping out of pundit skulls on your teevee screen - the world community has not effectively overcome nuclear reprocessing's associated risks of proliferation.

    What passes for McQuack's energy policy isn't just incomprehensible (subsidies for wind and solar: market distortions. subsidies for coal and nuclear: the free market.), it's dangerous.

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