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    Via cole, Mitch Prothero sez: ..., 2006-07-28 09:09:11 | Main | Via CSPAN: the Arab American I..., 2006-07-28 18:39:28

    This is working well. The Zionist Entity understands that you can't raise baby terrorists without milk factories, or teach them to read bomb manuals without schools, or have anybody to teach to read without orphanages. Or deliver the orphans without ambulances. That's why Israel will eventually be victorious. They shall exterminate terrorists at the source: birth itself. The Zionist Entity knows that terror starves without bridges. It understands that dropping leaflets on terror-stricken sympathizers telling them to hit the highway is especially effective when you have bombed the highway. Bombing the convoys: also effective. But all this effort takes time to come to fruition. For example if you're in the convoy you might have a few billionths of a second to bear fruit as you evaporate. To bear upon Israel's inevitable, ultimate victory over the forces of defenseless 10 story apartment complexes, its victory over terror. This is especially impressive:

    According to a poll released by the Beirut Center for Research and Information, 87 percent of Lebanese support Hizbullah's fight with Israel, a rise of 29 percent on a similar poll conducted in February. More striking, however, is the level of support for Hizbullah's resistance from non-Shiite communities. Eighty percent of Christians polled supported Hizbullah along with 80 percent of Druze and 89 percent of Sunnis.

    And via, this is what self-defense looks like:

    But remember: the really really important story this month - with so many angles to cover and so much history to understand - is the collapse of Joementum. He and Neddy are at one, you could say they've converged, regarding the present existential threat to Lebanon, so there's no reason to mind the store in the slightest: let it burn.

    Hell, toss some more fuel onto the fire.

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