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    The 'Welfare State as Conflict Resolution' Hack:

    I continue to run into the "Palestinians all want to dump Israel into the sea" line without seeing what, to me at least, seems like the logical response, which is this:

    Since at least the beginning of the second infintada Palestinian support for dumping Israel into the sea has been at around 40 percent [see this, per Q10, or this, per the 48% that would just end the occupation and call it a day, or this, where that figure was 68%] and Israeli support for purging historic Palestine of Palestinians in an act of mass ethnic cleansing has been around 40 percent [see this, this, this, and this - the last one quotes a poll that puts the figure at 46%].

    That the Palestinians call it "liberation" and the Israeli's call it "non-voluntary transfer" don't make such ideas any less atrocious, but it's the last one I had a hard time believing after being raised by messianic Zionists. The more scary of the two is the Israeli polling, since they're actually capable of pulling it off, and really already started. The basic fact of the matter is that since sometime in the 80s pretty much every authority - from Palestinians, Arabs, and the rest of the world - have put their support behind Resolution 242. Except the US and Israel, of course.

    Israeli support for "voluntary" transfer of Palestinians is somewhere around 60 some percent, curiously this about the same percentage of Israeli settlers who would voluntarily leave the occupied territories [see here, here, and here].

    The whole situation is idiotic. For a fraction of the money we shell out arming Israel to the teeth we could just buy out the settlers, Palestinian refugees and most other aggrieved parties and blow out major antecedents to the conflict. This would be, if nothing else, no more idiotic than what we've been doing, which is supporting policies that increase support for dumping Israel into the sea. Or I suppose the US could just invade and fix everything with it's magical military wand - at least there's a better pretext for invading Israel than there was for Iraq.

    Otherwise it's like fixing Collin Quinn's "Tough Crowd", you'd have to kick Nick DePaolo and the bald homophobe off the show to get anywhere without an ignorant slur being interjected every five seconds persuant to the shouting match that is, really, all the show amounts to. Or put on nothing but DePaolos and make the show an actual comedy. So far as I can tell it's only still on to "balance" John Stewart, judging from how white supremacists dig it.

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