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    on the lameness of hacking together your own blog..., 2006-07-23 05:44:25 | Main | some background on Shebaa Farm..., 2006-07-24 14:36:23

    the war on hezbollah:

    has only killed "three Hezbollah guerrillas"? Let's consider the 20 Lebanese army regulars killed so far as "friendlies", since they're part of the army that Israel is expecting to take over in Hezbollah-controlled south.

    Israel's combatant-to-non-combatant kill ratio here is something like 1 to 109, if that figure is accurate, which strikes me as somewhat extraordinary. Hezbollah's 900+ imprecission-guided rocket attacks, supposedly aimed at the very heart of Israeli civillianville, are sitting at better than 1 to .88. Somehow the primitive, WWII era munitions Hezbollah is lobbing on Israeli villages are consistently missing their targets and falling on top of military bystanders.

    updates: least effective resort to mass violence ever? Ken McCleod:

    Just War Theory is an utter perversion of the moral sense, a doctrine of literally mediaeval barbarism, invented by clerics to regulate wars between Christian kings. Its finest moral discrimination to date is that it's legitimate to kill a munitions worker on his way to work, but a crime to kill him on his way home. It tells us that to aim a bomb at an enemy soldier and kill a hundred civilians is - if the necessity is there - legitimate collateral damage, but to deliberately aim one bullet at one enemy civilian is murder.


    The doctrine is quite unshaken by the fact that Hizbollah's actions so far have killed a far higher proportion of the enemy in arms than the IDF's laser-guided precision bombs have managed, but that isn't the point I want to make. The doctrine itself is false.

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