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    the stupid burns a lot:

    Brian Darling complains at Human Events, that fount of insight:

    Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) inserted language to make Nevada eligible for the “Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery fund". If you check a map, you’ll see that Nevada has no Pacific coastline, yet Reid saw fit to use the omnibus to make Nevada eligible for Salmon Recovery funds from the Department of Commerce.

    Hm. Well, there are those two Nevada watersheds that empty into the Pacific, and Salmon are know to swim upstream to spawn... Nope, I just can't figure it out. One of them is even called "Salmon Falls Creek", but that's probably an historical artifact of some ancient mistranslation.

    Why would Harry Reid want a piece of that wasteful pie trying to preserve a tasty endangered species for future human consumption? Does Harry have grandkids? Maybe he wants to be able to make them eat their locally caught fish before they get their pudding. He needs those fish for that. As you can see, this earmark is clearly just feeding Harry Reid's domineering patriarchal fetishes.

    If I went on strike and stopped using any and all search engines I could start writing for conservative magazines. It's a comfort knowing I have other career options.

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