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    the reasonable alliance:

    Israel is such a valuable ally: everytime we go to war in the region we have to insist that it not assist us; our inordinate levels of uncritical support for Israel's aggressive expansionism beyond the 1967 green line draw off regional anger over its existence towards our own; it's unique position to defend American interests against the other rabidly pro-American governments in the area that recieve uncritical US support - such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, etc.; it's refusal to allow the creation of a viable Palestinian state, which prevents the emergence of yet another potential Arab democracy; in a situation that costs us billions in unwanted aid (see point 4) to maintain the state of misdirected fury that inordinately raises our profile among Islamist and secular terror organizations alike; and likewise raises the ire of most other countries on the planet and thusly reduces the strength of every other existing alliance we maintain.

    If you don't see the obvious value in this special relationship with Israel you're obviously an extremist anti-semite so caught up in anti-Americanism that you have utterly rejected the Western traditions such as the kind that produced scientific reason, a monopoly on liberty, democracy in the total of all its forms, calculus, the printing press, and anti-semitism: "It doesn’t matter why we have chosen to ally ourselves", "it only matters that we have." Unless, one supposes, you happen to be France.

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