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    I think it's bullshit how these fucking civilians are dying!..., 2007-12-05 20:08:39 | Main | Conservatives only misundersta..., 2007-12-07 11:11:33

    "the male stripper figures out they could trade hashish for dynamite":

    Scott Atran deconstructs the Madrid Plot, among others, starting at about 1:20. It's a little mumbly to start with but gets more entertaining as you go along.

    One two block section of Morocco produced 30 suicide bombers in Iraq, for example. None of them were religious, he observes, but they played soccer. I haven't watched Sam Harris' bit at the next day of the conference, but my guess is he will argue that it's misleading to describe Soccer as secular. While the motivations of Soccer teams are not explicitly religious, they are Terminator fans who undoubtedly believe many improbable things about the nature of winning and losing.

    At 1:58 or so you'll also have the opportunity to distinguish between different group activities like hating and killing.

    update: Those slides are easier to read in this presentation he delivered to the State Department and House of Lords.

    update: And the specific video in question.

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