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    something to read while you calm down..., 2007-07-11 13:02:24 | Main | the billary platform - permanent war, occupation forever..., 2007-07-27 14:19:40

    the kids won't turn down that infernal racket:

    here I am persistently minding my own damned business, reading some lazy, haberdash mockery of Condi Condi Condi ("Ha ha!" Joe Brinkley exclaims. "Nobody lurvs U!!") and out comes some lazy, dumb propaganda like:

    Iran is no closer to giving up its nuclear weapons than when she took office.

    As though this is the fault of Condileeza Rice and the Bush administration. You can tell Joe Brinkley is just sitting on his thumbs waiting for some mouth breathing baby kisser to come around and give him a cause really worth cheering for, like declaring war against Iran to make them give up weapons we are absolutely positive it does not have.

    We can't even find any evidence that they're seeking such weapons, which is the scripted brainless accusation.

    The nation should rise and thank Joe for making the next dumb war just that much easier. You're all crazy as he is, after all. I just feel like punching something.

    Like my head through a wall.

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