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    The Impending Decline of Europe (and Japan):

    Gregory S Paul says that Athiests rule, Creationists drool. But he's wrong, and thanks to Anne Applebaum and George Weigel I can explain why: without rediscovering the role of religion in the public square Europe is headed for an untimely and disasterous cultural and political collapse that will envelope the continent in unsustainable deficits and hellfire as the forces of social cohesion disintegrate, unleashing the murderous fury of a godless people.

    Figure 4, on infant mortality, is perhaps the most stunning demonstration of the illicit depravity and moral vice of the Humanist Secularism that is eating European (and Japanese) civillization from the inside out:

    Does the religious heart of American culture explain why 80% of Americans who have long believed healthcare should be a fundamental right have gone unanswered by Jesus? Or is a vengeful and righteous Lord laying waste and ruin onto the children of America for the rampant, unholy desecration of the unborn children of the children that survive his wrath?

    If only illegalizing abortion lowered abortion rates we could hope to save our children without resorting to that godless evil: the universal provision of adequate healthcare.

    I humbly suggest that rather than sending our missionaries to preach against condom use in Africa we issue them forth to Europe, in a mission to save Western civillization as we remember it.

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