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    the hovering weather balloons of doom:

    The Post reported yesterday that a Pentagon-appointed team of technical experts had strongly rejected the weapons claim in a field report sent to the Defense Intelligence Agency on May 27, 2003. That report, and an authoritative, 122-page final report by the same team three weeks later, concluded that the trailers were not biological weapons labs. Both reports were classified and never released. The team's findings were ultimately supported by the Iraq Survey Group, which led the official search for banned weapons, in a report to Congress in September 2004, about 15 months later.

    So here's our President explaining all this to the Australian Parliament - among others - half a year later:

    "Since the liberation of Iraq, we have discovered Saddam's clandestine network of biological laboratories" .

    And his press secretary still playing the squirming dodge three months before the final report from Kay's group, about a year after the first official report on the "labs":

    MR. McCLELLAN: The latest that has been said by the intelligence community is that there is no consensus, there is disagreement on what the use of those biological laboratories were for.

    What an embarassment!

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