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    niether fading nor spiralling..., 2005-03-28 15:21:12 | Main | day 8..., 2005-03-28 16:38:46

    the cronyism masqueraders ball:

    or what we commonly refer to as "Congress", gets a write up in The WaPo:

    Republicans have pursued such issues for much of the past decade, asserting that free market policies are the smartest way to grow the economy...

    Bush and his congressional allies are looking to pass legal protections for drug companies, doctors, gun manufacturers and asbestos makers, as well as tax breaks for all companies and energy-related assistance sought by the oil and gas industry.

    Note to professional editorial boards of America: stripping individuals of the rights their corporate counterparts enjoy is not "free market policy", nor is extending and expanding rights for those corporate counterparts "free market policy", and while we're at it: tax breaks for the oil and gas industry is without a doubt the most absurdly anti-environmental tax policy I could imagine, and is ultimately not "free market policy" - not least considering how the entire industry is already subsidized by tax payers, "Oil remains fundamentally a government business" to quote Dick "Chief of Staff" Cheney - being as it may well destroy what vestiges of the "free market" still exist and a good portion of human civillization with it. I realize this is sort of the whole goal for these guys, all we're asking for is a little obvious bias, by which we mean a bias for stating the obvious.

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