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    From the Department of Unexpected Announcements..., 2004-07-13 17:09:25 | Main | bog..., 2004-07-15 12:00:39

    the children of God need your help:

    how do you go about it? Best define the problem, or, say, part of it: 6,000 a day in Africa alone, they say; 180,000 of God's children a month; another Rwandan genocide every three; globally half a Nazi holocaust every year and rising fast. Pretty serious stuff, let's take a look at the first months of Bush's war on AIDS:

    1. Make sure you squander your resources on corporate welfare to the drug lobby. Paul Farmer was on NPR yesterday talking about how he's squeezed out an effective $.50/day drug care program for AIDS patients in Haiti, somewhere in the range of a few percent of the cost of treating them at American prices, or 30 times the number of patients for the same price.
    2. Squander a third of prevention funding on "faith-based" abstinence-only groups.
    3. Wage a campaign in congress to cut funding for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria.
    4. Be aggressive with the rhetoric! Make the NYT "moist" by using the word "condom" for the first time in public, at a Baptist church no less, no less than two weeks after requiring anti-AIDS organizations to publish material on the "lack of effectiveness of condom use" in order to recieve federal funding.
    5. Build the better state! Add more bureaucracy! Zuccinnis are lude! Say hello to your friendly, prude-staffed, political appointee Policy Review Panel!

    And today, just to prove how serious you are, keep the scientists, researchers, and doctors out of it! No scientists for us, good luck with your crucifix!

    Makes the war on terror look like an invasion of Grenada.

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