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    The Chicago Trib does a moderately decent job of covering the TABD protests. Not many howlers outside of reporting that the groups "all fall under the umbrella of opposition to globalized markets". I fell into a contingent of fellow Chicago Wobs and marched with them, it looked to me like the march picked up at least a few extra hundred from the curious mob of onlookers. I showed up late to the party on Friday, marched around looking for marchers, ran into a small army of Chicago's finest and Clare at the Daley Plaza, found one of the marches heading up Michigan (five or so paddy wagons and a dozen cop autos snaking behind in what appeared to be an extravegent, expensive display of solidarity) and chanted along for a few blocks before getting dinner from a nearby ghoulish corporate enterprise that was proffering what were, considering the gaping crevasse of hunger embroiling my internals and the two martini lunch I had at work, pretty good burritos. Plus: The Happy Police.

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