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    bush's illegal order to break the law..., 2005-12-19 15:26:14 | Main | ethiopia..., 2005-12-20 15:22:34

    the case for war against, well, US:

    shoulda invaded ourselves, in fact, still should, our returning troops will have flowers strewn at their feet, be welcomed as liberators, bringing them back wouldn't cost more than 20 billion, and the United States can pay for reconstruction largely by itself, the case is flawless:

    [Somebody] used an actual weapon of mass destruction -- highly refined anthrax, the Ames strain that almost certainly fell out of the not-so-perfectly guarded American Cold War weapons labs. And then, after the series of postal attacks ended, the anthrax killer(s) remained at large not in the mountains of Afghanistan, but somewhere in the United States -- with no evidence that the supply of anthrax had been used up. Who needs to imagine al-Qaeda "sleeper cells" here in the U.S., when you have such a live wire in the neighborhood?

    ....[The Bush Administration] essentially chose its terror war from column A (the September 11th attacks), not column B (the anthrax attacks, once it became clear that they were connected not to al-Qaeda but the American arsenal)...

    Also, I think, demonstrates how even if there were "WMD" in the form of some brown anthraxy sludge it wouldn't poise a threat, least of all an existential one, if the fancy hitech weaponized powder shit built in the most advanced weapons labs in the world was that ineffective.

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