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    the calculated use of force against civillians in order to attain specific goals:

    today our government stops beating around the bush and just comes out and admits it. Really amazing: the objective is to terrorize civillians in order to divide the city:

    "We know what the strike was supposed to hit, and we hit it," said a senior Pentagon official who monitors the daily assessments of the bombing campaign. "If a wedding was going on, well, it was in concert with a meeting with a top Zarqawi lieutenant." ....

    Senior administration, Pentagon and military officials said the air campaign was in part intended to present a stark choice to the people of Falluja, especially those who may be supporting Iraqi insurgents or the foreign fighters' network.

    "If there are civilians dying in connection with these attacks, and with the destruction, the locals at some point have to make a decision," one Pentagon official said. "Do they want to harbor the insurgents and suffer the consequences that come with that, or do they want to get rid of the insurgents and have the benefits of not having them there?"

    A senior administration official said the new air strategy over Falluja was also intended to drive a wedge between Iraqi insurgents and foreign terrorists.

    "We're doing kinetic strikes in Falluja, and working on the Zarqawi elements, and setting up divisions among the various antiregime elements that are in Falluja," the official said. "Now we begin to see Fallujan leaders come out and say: 'O.K. No más! What do we do about this? How do we work with you, Prime Minister Allawi, to try to stop this kind of warfare.' That's beginning to show some success."

    These may be "people in Falluja who don't necessarily like us or the Iraqi government," the official said, but they "also are not particularly keen on blowing up women and children."

    So that's how we shall govern Iraq. To quote Jefferson, "The act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; a mode of government by terror or intimidation." This is what Bush calls the heart of the war on terror. Pretty fantastic.

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