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    The answer to "a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel" is the same man who can't take either side seriously. I'm just trying to figure out why I find it funny that the conservative answer to anything always happens to involve either fucking people up or enforcing a state religion. Maybe I'm still in shock that censoring video game "violence" is a liberal-hued issue -- not that it should ever be surprising to see Donahue embarking on another histrionic voyage into Shit That Doesn't Matter. Today it was the inner life of Michael Jackson for fucks sake, like this qualifies as anything more than celebrity Jerry Springer. The poor bastard does it for the ratings, experts say. And honestly, the right puts their radicals all over the air - Buchanan has his own goddam show over here, hello? - if you want shock-jock leftist broadcasting you've got to put your nuts up on the table.

    If anybody actually wants good leftesque broadcasting try This Is Hell, they're pretty far into the Zmag end of the scale but the blind guy has retained his sense of humor.

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