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    From the Dept. of Forgetting Afghanistan..., 2003-07-11 16:55:23 | Main | Bullshitgate..., 2003-07-13 01:36:45

    The American behemoth awakens:

    or maybe "tosses and turns in its sleep" would be more accurate. According to this poll [pdf] a majority of Americans support a congressional investigation into WMD claims with 52% thinking the administration "stretched the truth"; a majority support handing the mess over to the UN; the number who believe the administration implied Saddam was behind 9/11 is at 71%, but now only 25% believe he was involved (compared to some 50% previous to the war); and while 23% of the general public believes WMD have been found, most of these delusional people appear to be Republicans, more so those who claim to "watch the news closely" - of whom 40% persist in believing it: "watches the news closely" apparently means "listens to Rush Limbaugh".

    There's also an interesting section on independent voters at the end suggesting that they're about 10% more likely to know what the hell is going on than the general sample. The fling with actual journalism seems to be helping.

    Few if any support unilaterally declaring victory and getting out, though you might be interested in asking the troops for their opinion on the subject. I pretty much agree. The UNSC is just a committee of powerful nations that want their slice of the Iraqi pie, the organized factions within Iraq are just powerful minority cliques that want their slice of the Iraqi pie, and in between world powers and domestic powers, there like here, are the people. All we can do is stay out of their way. The best thing that can realistically be done, as far as I see, is to vote for gridlock between the two: put the UN in charge and let them try negotiating the peace with the factions, as compared to having Bremer retaining gross veto powers over what happens, Haliburton gobbling up markets, and 150,000 US troops marching aimlessly around the Sunni belt with Jabba the Shrub painting targets on their chests. 'Bring it on' indeed, why don't we just replace their rifles with nunchuks that shoot lasers while we're at it.

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