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    maybe i've been rockin the bar stool too hard..., 2007-04-02 23:33:27 | Main | all ashore..., 2007-04-05 23:02:43

    The ABC's Of Elementary Logic:

    ABC provides us a rich example today in its panic attack on Iranian uranium enrichment with the following:

    Iran maintains its enrichment facilities are only meant to produce fuel for nuclear power reactors.

    But the uranium they are enriching could not be used in the Russian nuclear power reactor they are currently building.

    Indeed. The reactor they are currently building could not use the fuel they're making, therefore they must be building a bomb. Airtight innuendo. If not A, then B. A real slam dunk.

    Except the fuel for the Russian light water reactor was going to come from Russia in the first place.

    Except they're constructing a 360-megawatt nuclear power plant at Darkhovin, something they've been trying to do for a very long time. The project, originally with the catchy PR working-title of "Independence", would run off the indigenous fuel cycle.

    Except I can't find any reason why the Russian-built Bushehr light water reactor couldn't use Iranian produced fuel, unless Iran's IAEA-approved 3.6% enrichment rate isn't high enough for the Russian design (in which case you just run it back through the cascade again, until it is).

    Ya know, if they really wanted the bomb they'd probably have kicked the IAEA out and produce plutonium in their numerous research reactors a long time ago, like North Korea did.

    Meanwhile the same reporters tell us the US is funnelling aid to Baluchi terrorists, or so allege a list of anonymous sources. Gotta egg both sides on in order to bootstrap the ratings, I guess.

    update: Now with extra Al Qaeda!

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