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    tal afar:

    there's a report at a Turkish news org carrying the pleas of Dr. Muhammad Qasim, the Director of the Tall 'Afar Branch of the Iraqi Red Crescent, regarding the plight of the hundreds of thousands of displaced civillians from the US campaign from last weekend. Nothing of significance was achieved, other than forcing a tactical retreat of some insurgents that will return, or relocate to another population center that we will also have to raze, until central Iraq is just one big refugee camp, "hotbed of violence".

    On that matter of leaving Iraq in chaos and civil war, the US has once again followed it's policy of encouraging civil war by introducing Shi'ite and Kurdish militias into a conflict in a Sunni Turkmen city, spreading ethnic hatred as it goes about sandbagging the US military behind sectarian, religious fundamentalist forces like the Badr brigades. Indeed, we must remain in Iraq to prevent the civil war we are creating.

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