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    tal afar:

    in northwest Iraq we shut off basic services to a city of 250,000 in an effort to literally drive out the civillian population so US forces could make the city a free-fire zone like they did Fallujah a year ago, while close to the entirety of 600 Iraqi police sent in either desert or defect to the 'insurgents', or whoever was controlling the city. So far only 9 have trusted the good graces of the occupation to take them to "safety", e.g. a refugee camp, and whether or not they leave we're apparently going to go medieval on their asses anyway. Even if the people did evacuate it's quite literally insane to repeat tactics that have failed, nevermind that forcing civillians to flee their homes to make it easier - as a politically acceptable alternative to mass slaughter and outright genocide - to destroy resistance is just ethnic cleansing.

    This will, I understand, be the third time we've "liberated" Tal Afar. Strikes in August of 04, if I read correctly, caused hundreds of civillian fatalities.

    By the precedent we set in Kosovo, only with a stronger basis in Clintonoid fantasy as the mass evictions have actually been ongoing for over a year, rather than predicted for over a year, and with rather less domestic opposition to destroy - were we only half as active in our opposition to Bush as the Serbs were in opposition to Milosevic - some third parties should be running airstrikes to bomb the District of Columbia and Florida back into the bronze, or if that doesn't work, stone age. The international community must not rely on natural disasters to do their humanitarian duties for them.

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