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    stolen honor, smarmy hacks:

    here's the transcript, to be broadcast prior to election night. Won't bother getting into the "lurid fantasies" of Vietnam vets Carlton Sherwood accuses of being "frauds", other than to link to responses by Kieth Nolan and Media Matters. We could spend all day in the depths of the Pentagon Papers, declassified documents since then, corroborating testimony from American GIs in other hearings, and investigations by the press as to how often the events of May Lai were repeated, as to how it is that May Lais continue to be uncovered to this day, as to the nature of defoliating one third of an entire country with toxic chemicals, the nature of the campaign against North Vietnam where US forces were restricted by international pressures in how they could apply force as compared to South Vietnam where there were no restrictions of any kind, the effects of scatterable anti-personnel mines deployed most effectively against our own forces and the future and present civillian populations, and by extension the atrocities that happened at Kent State, et. al.. We could spend all day expanding on this list. Unless there was a high level conspiracy on the part of the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations as well as much of congress and the military to propagate such lurid fantasies there's not really any doubt about the brutality of our invasion of South Vietnam.

    It goes on about Jane Fonda visiting Vietnam, and the POWs themselves listening to tapes of Jane Fonda calling "them" warcriminals (by name I wonder?). Then it shows a picture of John Kerry at a rally sitting behind Jane Fonda. The events are shown in backwards chronological order: John Kerry happened to be at the same rally as Jane Fonda long before Fonda ever went to North Vietnam.

    It also takes, like the Swift Boat ads and all such attacks past and present, Kerry's testimony before congress throughly out of context by leaving the beginning of his sentences out, and by leaving the point of his allegations out - that soldiers were being commanded by military policy (e.g. "free fire zones") to commit warcrimes. "They" suddenly refers to all Vietnam vets rather than the vets Kerry listened to in Detroit. It criminalizes Kerry's anti-war efforts by arguing that ending the war sooner meant American POWs would stay in Vietnam longer. This kind of logic leads me to suspect that Nixon had to rise from the grave to co-produce. It's filled with the kinds of lies he loved so much.

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