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    steven vincent, RIP:

    he repeated most every invective and myth against people who opposed the war, at the same time paying the small kindness to note that not everyone opposed to the war was an anti-American, anti-democratic, heartless monster. He was too generous by far.

    He once sat across from a table of Christian pacifists working in Iraq and happily assumed offhand that they were pro-car bombing. He might have asked them. Later he makes the argument that a group of peace activists in Iraq looking to fund a children's hospital in Iraq aren't really interested in Iraq. He was a clear an' erudite thinker. There was just something about certain foreigners in Iraq - the peaceniks and the workers not tied to the hip of the military - that bugged him, but he couldn't quite put it into a string of logical statements.

    I don't really understand why he saw something duplicitous in people who went to Iraq for the same reasons as he did but had the guts to go there without a military convoy. He assumed the worst in people's motivations over a narrow disagreement about the use of military force. He was a better journalist than judge of character.

    Steven Vincent was the 14th foreign journalist and 64th member of the media to be killed in the Stupid War.

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