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    shorter media matters:

    A CNN poll conducted June 14-15 found that 53 percent of respondents favored a timetable for withdrawal, while 41 percent opposed such a measure. Similarly, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted June 9-12 showed that 57 percent of respondents supported reducing troop levels now, compared with 35 percent who favored maintaining the current deployment. The polls were rigged, of course, because they didn't ask which of the two actual proposals offered by the Republican leadership the public favored: "cutting and running" or "staying the course".

    Pollsters have not yet studied the public's opinion of the course the President wishes to stay, which experts in Texas diction believe to translate to, roughly, "Leave the job for some other sucker. Horseapples. Heh heh. For now we are stuck in the mud."

    A poll conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes from January 2-5 found that 70 percent of Iraqis surveyed favored setting a deadline for withdrawal of U.S. forces. Of that 70 percent, half of the respondents supported a short-term withdrawal of six months, while the other half preferred a gradual pullout over the course of two years. Demonstrating his democratic credentials, the Iraqi Vice President requested with the support of President Jalal Talabani a timetable for withdrawal at a June 13th meeting with President Bush. Bush, in kind, explained how wonderful democracy is and expressed his appreciation for differing opinions and applauded the Iraqi VP's embrace of free speech, and, noting that the fate of the Iraqis was in their own hands, privately told the Iraqi VP to fuck off and die.

    update: note to Richard Armitage: the Iraqi government already asked us to leave.

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