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    I guess this is news entirely on account of our Af-Pak lynch mob costing us more than Iraq for the first time, but it's nice to get an update on the numbers:

    Pentagon spending in February, the most recent month available, was $6.7 billion in Afghanistan compared with $5.5 billion in Iraq. As recently as fiscal year 2008, Iraq was three times as expensive; in 2009, it was twice as costly.

    $80 billion a year for Afghanistan presumably including the undeclared and unauthorized war in Pakistan, $66 billion for Iraq, $146 billion total in Pentagon outlays a year, not including present and future costs for net interest payments or increased Veterans Administration outlays, nevermind Pentagon depleted equipment replacement and higher recruiting costs in the DoD budget, or losses to economic growth either to higher interest rates in the good times or displaced Keynesian stimulus in the bad, on the argument that there are better and more pressing public investments to be made than burying flattened countries in bomb craters.

    Oh but for the sweet smell of win! And we can't just win this way, we have to win that way, or it's no win at all.

    In related news, the Nation has a good article reviewing where some of the unaccounted for billions went in Iraq, specifically the (ever expanding number of) pallets of money from Timothy Geithner.

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