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    cute..., 2005-08-24 18:28:34 | Main | welcome to America..., 2005-08-24 21:29:40

    responsible plans for iraq:

    that will be dutifully ignored. Note that niether the "US out now" position or the "disaster prevention program" bear any resemblance to numerous "progressive" leaders who are demanding the "responsible" "alternative" of sending more troops into Iraq.

    Cole's plan to have the US air force prevent pitched battles inside Iraq doesn't require the US to remain in Iraq, as we have bases around the region perfectly capable of poising that kind of threat to Iraqi paramilitary and regular forces, just as it was prior to the invasion. Cole backs off earlier suggestions to put the whole screwy affair under the jurisdiction of the UN, which is curious.

    Meanwhile we have the conservative talking points at hand: Iraq is just like America in its revolutionary period! No! Not like during a revolutionary war, when Iraqis kick out a 15% corporate rate taxing foreign occupier! But like a land liberated by the British, and like the bouncing baby democracy they created just waiting to achieve its full potential as a nation of free men! Yglesias describes "staying the course" by the Bushist analogy:

    Iraq is maybe going through something like its Articles of Confederation stage -- you've got your Whiskey Rebellion, your disorder, your confusion, etc. But in a few years, they sort things out and the elite members of the nation's dominant ethno-sectarian group will work out an agreement establishing order throughout the country.

    The Sunnis, naturally, will be held as chattel slaves. Kurdish land and natural resources will be slowly expropriated via a series of genocidal military campaigns. Some decades down the road, the conflicts papered-over in the initial constitutional compromise will break out into the open leading to a horribly destructive Civil War.

    And so on.

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