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    sick sick sick sick sick..., 2006-10-03 18:52:10 | Main | saving lives with valuable propaganda..., 2006-10-05 15:32:04

    refusing to back away from the stated Hamas goal of destroying Israel:

    Over chat today I was not sexxing up some young stud but talking about boring politics stuff:

    Me: Hey, Hamas "clearly signaled that they're willing to junk their appalling 20-year old charter"
    Me: that was the last straw right babs?
    Babylon: I wanna see Mashal Khaleed go on TV saying Hamas recognizes Isreals right to exist and would like to negotiate a 2 state settlement :)

    I was just starting to read Seth Ackerman's new article for FAIR, and finally towards the end the heavens answered babs in their own inscrutible way:

    Khaled Meshal, Hamas' unofficial leader and a staunch hardliner based in Damascus, gave an interview to the Paris daily Le Figaro (3/29/06) that included this statement: "If Israel withdraws from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, recognizes the refugees' right of return, and dismantles the new wall, I can guarantee you that Hamas, and the whole Palestinian people behind it, will be ready to take serious steps, based on justice and equality, towards a permanent peace with the Israelis." No U.S. news outlet in the Nexis database reported his comments.

    But it was in the papers a paper some Paris daily I've never heard of and not on TV, so my friend will be disappointed. There's also the whole disagreement about whether states have rights at all, or whether a political party can so recognize a state, but since when did deep ideological disagreements ever get in the way of a practical solution?

    update: I should have included an Israeli perspective in this of course, lest I be accused of bias for having included that nasty ole quote from a Hamas leader. We've sincerely attempted to be as fair and unbiased as possible on this topic by regularly quoting straight from Kadima officials and their party platform and strictly ignoring anything those nasty Hamas leaders say, and today of course we have failed. To answer the evil Hamas leader we include now the perspective of one of the visionary Kadima Party administration's wimpy liberal allies:

    One cabinet minister from the Labor Party, Olmert's main coalition partner, explained the prime minister's attitude to negotiations this way (Jerusalem Post, 6/23/06): "Sure, Olmert will have talks with Abu Mazen [i.e., Abbas]. But those talks won't lead anywhere because we have no interest in their successful consummation. We can then turn to our friends in the U.S. and Europe and say, 'You see, we tried, unsuccessfully; we now have no choice but to go to realignment.'"

    "Realignment"? See how weak these guys are? Surely they shall be pushed into the sea with that kind of attitude. Only American journalists have the balls to invent unproposed withdrawals out of thin air. That's the only kind of journalism that will save America, er, Israel I mean.

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