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    raising the bar:

    In the middle of Abbas' cease-fire discussions with Palestinian militants Israel declared that it would not accept the cease-fire until the "terrorist infrastructure" had been completely dismantled. In other words, Israel would continue its attacks in the occupied territories unabaited - nevermind the collective familial punishment of house demolition, the annexation fence, the curfews, checkpoints, and other systematic destructions of daily life - while Palestinians are to stand there and take it: please sign this contract stating that your immenent destruction at our hands is an act of willful suicide on your part.

    The only concession supposedly committed to by Israel thus far has been admitting observers, which they otherwise have a habit of kicking out and harassing.

    Those interested in score keeping should note that the number of civillians killed since the summit is 17 to 17, which is unusual in the sense that usually Israel's "targetted strikes" against "terrorist infrastructure" - with a little help from my tax dollars - come out in the lead.

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