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    Q7. Which of the following have you personally seen or experienced since the invasion of Iraq in 2003?:

    The channel 4 poll of Iraqis finds that 70% of Iraqis want us to leave, 60% want us out within a year or sooner, a number no different from responses to the same question in the Spring of 2004, when our welcome with anybody you could name was worn out for good. Remember when we were all talking about exporting democracy? Man that was awesome.

    Anyway, to the above question, Iraqis reported experiencing:

    1. The kidnapping of a friend or a colleague: 7%.
    2. The kidnapping of a member of your family/relative: 11%.
    3. Fighting involving MNF troops: 7%.
    4. Militia violence: 9%.
    5. A car or suicide bomb: 9%
    6. The murder of a friend or a colleague: 12%.
    7. The murder of a member of your family/relative: 24%.

    The average family size in Iraq is 6, or about 4 million families, 24% of that number would be the same as the best epidemiological estimates we have of excess mortality since the invasion of around 1 million, assuming no more than one family member was killed. That number, by the way, is about the same as last year's. Then again, polls and epidemiological surveys don't get responses from the millions of Iraqis who have fled the hellfire of death and destruction created by the invasion, so maybe I'm being a little over optimistic.

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