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    phantom controlled demolitions:

    I've long had the suspicion (or hope, maybe) that the 9/11 'truth movement' somehow emerged more out of the black helicopter crowd than some frothing clan of the left. I have no way of proving it, and also figure I'm probably mistaken, even if there are one or two Bush appointees leading the movement, but Matt Taibbi throws out an interesting point and persues the theme such that hillarity ensues:

    The 9/11 Truth movement is not only a cynical fiction, it's a recycled cynical fiction.

    Well, there's only 7 archetypal plotlines in all of narrative fiction, and both groups just happened to pick number 6. Any similarities to NWO conspiracies are purely coincidental, which is exactly how we know that there is a deep linkage betweeen the tinhats of the 90s and the tinhats of today, because there are no coincidences.

    As we all know, all of our most valuable and beloved conspiracy theories - from jewish world domination to the death of princess di - have been fabricated and disseminated by secret corporate-government collusions to target easily distracted audiences with nonsense while the powerful commit their perfectly criminal acts in broad daylight, with celebratory aplomb and a dash of the melodramatic action hero. How else could they commit two humongous mass murders and get away with them, then brag about it on national teevee?

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