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    "continuing the [Iraq] war eff..., 2005-08-02 15:16:58 | Main | I'm not exactly sure why, but ..., 2005-08-03 09:39:35

    over there:

    apparently the only thing for anybody to do "over there" is lay behind a pile of dirt and get shot at. It's half way through the show and our heros are still laying behind piles of dirt. How much did they spend on this series? I mean, if you're gonna just repeat the same old fucking banal war cliches, entirely focused on telling one side of the story at the expense of the other, you could at least barf up a half decent action sequence here and there.

    If the point were to tell the story of American GIs in Iraq there's a couple hundred thousand to choose from. TNT could have just broadcast Gunner Palace, maybe with some cuts of the journo's navel gazing, or any of the others, or better yet sent some crews over there and around here and let American GIs tell their story themselves for less than it must have cost to overproduce this shallow, misbegotten fare.

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