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    on vacation:

    I'm in San Fran for the first time and enjoying it immensely, so let Max sort em out. Sandwhichman Speaks!: "The Iraq war isn't a war. It's a swindle that used war as a cover story. The 100-0 Democrats and the New York Times are all for the swindle, they just want a bigger cut of the take." Are the kids listening?

    I got a book today. Thomas Bailey, Diplomacy of the American People, 1776-..., 10th Edition. 1 American Dollar. Bought it from a legless man on the street for 2. Worthy snakeoil, it's shortly convinced me that Grover Cleveland is a man I should miss. There was an age in America not long ago where boys joined in a national day of hate on every July the Fourth to curse King George the Third, as might be right and proper for a recently freed nation, would it have proved worthy of its ministry and worked to make all kings of their own domain, and none masters of anything beyond.

    It should be a tradition for all nations that consider themselves Great to have national days of Forbearing, upon which the nation humbles itself and recognizes and honors those unacknowledged sacrifices such that Greatness permits us. Power is validated only by its servitude, and it's hard to find good help these days.

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