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    on the lameness of hacking together your own blog:

    a week or two ago my favorite ex-book reviewing blogging blogger emailed me to let me know that the RSS feed didn't work for squat, and that was fixed (it just might still work (maybe)). Then my favorite banjo blogging blogger let me know that the blogging comment section was thoroughly broken. In the former case it was mostly the blogging smart quotes when I lazily pasted in whole stories without value added, in the latter it was badly formed regex in our blogging spam-prevention.

    Now I've had a comments section for over two years about. For the first year and a half of the escalating spam attacks on the delicate ecology of the blogosphere I suffered none, on account of my indigenous mucky framework of whatever-I-thought-made-sense-at-the-time. Safely ensconced in my obscure backwater I was indeed safe, until then some colonial marketeer actually took the time to build the spambot credentials for my little public hole. I swelled with anonymous blogofascist pride at being so noticed, then I blocked it. Up until recently I'd done well with MT-Blacklist in preventing comment spam - by far the most common form of feedback this goose gets - but that ceased being maintained, and so I started maintaining a private blacklist, which made it clear to me why MT-Blacklist had ceased being maintained.

    Sloppy regex tends to make bloggy things break, for one thing, and ought to be tested, and I never test anything beyond proof-of-concept, as a matter of Principle. That Principle is Laziness, the first principle of Blogging [1] as well as Hackering. For another throwing shit at the wall until it sticks just means a whole lot of shit on the floor. Some people make a lot of money hurling it, apparently, but I don't.

    Indeed, it's not so much "spam" as it is Hurling. If a spammer Hurls it might make developers Pluge, and if the developers Pluge everybody else will Blog. Hurling is a fine profession. Like Marketing.

    Yesterday I implemented some turing images, which turned out to be hazardlessly brief fun. We'll see how that works. It probably won't, since they get paid to hurl their shit at the wall, but it might take them hours, even days, to figure out that they need to implement their magic ring decoder on my blog, of all the remote, desolate edges of the internet. Or maybe they hire people to do it. Hell, Chip Griffin hires conservatives to troll on liberal blogs, posting porn links for a living is probably more profitable.

    And for the record I appreciate every comment I've recieved, which is why I bothered to included them despite all better laziness. Particularly my own. Years from now I'll be able to read them and say 'hulloh mes', and they'll answer back, Aaaiii! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Buermann R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn! Aaaiii! AAAAAAIIIIIIIII!!!!

    Which reminds me, it's still shrill, and I haven't read any Fafblog in months. I'm a terrible, terrible blogger.

    1. Most bloggers adhere to first principles such as Laziness by using someone else's widely-used and thoroughly tested blog software, but converting this blog's layout, database, and extraneousness to somebody's else's widely-used, thoroughly tested blog software would be too much work. This is called the Legacy Corollary, and explains why COBOL programmers can still find employment, or why Physicists still know FORTRAN.

:: posted by buermann @ 2006-07-23 05:44:25 CST | link

    go ahead, express that vague notion

    your turing test:

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