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    obama bans fishing FOREVER:

    this and this are the funniest things I've read today.

    This has a lot to do with the fact that I was watching a buncha wonks present financial reform proposals for the Roosevelt Institute. They're pretty good, you should watch, but not very funny. They try! The drinking game is to finish your drink every time somebody doesn't actually propose the simple solution they said they were going to propose, which by my count gives you two drinks. Make it a stiff pour.

    update: "Marine spatial planning", fun!

    In June 2009, President Obama directed 22 U.S. federal agencies with ocean-related programs to develop "a framework for effective coastal and marine spatial planning" that addresses conservation, economic activities, user conflicts and sustainable use of ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources.

    Elizabeth Warren makes a fine point during the RI presentation that nobody fights harder for big beaurecratic ineffective government than big business. May be a case in point. I do appreciate how Arnold Kling misses the point, consolidation means more! Wait, what?

    update duce: so a month ago ESPN reported that this Ocean Policy Task Force had received the input from the big recreational fishing interest groups, then a month later it "reports" a big bitchfest about how no more comment will be received a few weeks before said task force is supposed to conclude their ceremonifications and delibrifications and publish something or other. It's shocking, I tell you, shocking. To stop talking and blathering rather than do something or other minor about this or that on schedule would be commie fascist tyranny of the highest order.

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