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    my new blogging technique is unstoppable:

    I wasn't at all aware that David Rees (c.f. mnftiu) has been blogging for two years. Prolly because I never read the HuffPo, as doing so makes me want to take an ice cream scoop to my brain and make a banana sunday out of my corpus callosum. Since apparently they'll let just about anybody set up shop there I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since that means you could find just about anybody there. Anyway, his imitation of Cormac McCarthy doing Michael Ignatieff is pretty stellar:

    They saw the WMDs over the hill, staggering under the weight of their own nonexistence like some funereal assemblage of bent-backed phantoms. Ignatieff crouched in the mulberry copse, glassed his target, cursed the Chomskian dust that risked his weapons ruin, then raised The Ultimate Task of Thomas Jeffersons Dream and sent its buckshot tearing into Iraq-- tatterdemalion, sanction-wracked-- and the rocks behind were splatter-stained with a crimson decoupage like some chromatic inversion of all that is holy and lawful. I kindly reckon we just shot the shit out of Iraq, Ignatieff said. And Friedman said, Lets move in to get a better look at her. And they tried hailing a cab with an anecdotaholic driver but they couldnt find one because they were stranded in a featureless semantic apocalypse, meaning-raped and apostropheless like some joy-smudged, italicized parody of Cormac McCarthy. And on the crest of the hill they heard Kanan Makiya weeping soundlessly like the very enabler of evil itself.

    Also, Mike Ignatieff - who's not so much apologizing for supporting the invasion of Iraq as finding ways to insult others for his support for the invasion of Iraq - sez "As a former denizen of Harvard, I've had to learn that a sense of reality doesn't always flourish in elite institutions." I seem to recall all those elite academics (lists and lists and lists of them!) who should have been hung for the treason of opposing our incoherent GWOT political ploy. The implication here, I guess, is now that they've supported it too much. How refreshingly disingenuous of this elite ex-academic to say so.

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