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    my first desktop:

    I got a free Mac G4 desktop over the weekend, supplanting my 6 year old, broken-ass toshiba laptop (with no working pcmcia slots forcing me to use win2k over linux because of bad USB ethernet support) as the modern technology round the house. Things to install/do:

    1. OS X is BS.
    2. find the goddam terminal utility and put it in the dock. Black on white!
    3. Figure out how to enable root.
    4. An ATA-100/133 PCI IDE Adapter for PowerMac, for hardrives larger than 128G. Maybe a DVD burner to replace the zip drive while we're at it. Maybe it's time to buy one of those poddy eye thingies.
    5. mozilla: all the web fit to browse. Also it's time to start using tabbed browsing - mac desktop management is a mess.
    6. mplayer for os x: the nigh-universal media player.
    7. WorkSpace Manager or maybe you cd or virtue: virtual desktop environments on OS X, neat!
    8. OpenOffice.
    9. poisoned: p2p.


    1. Azureus: bit torrent client. Like poisoned a resource hog, under preferences go to "queue" and turn down "max downloads" and "active torrents" to finite numbers to limit processor and RAM resource hogging. I've got these set to 5 and 10 respectively (and probably turned down the rest of the queue settings from the default too) and rarely notice that it's running any longer.
    2. For virtual desktops use Desktop Manager, of those listed here seems to be the only that makes hot-key shifting between desktops easy/possible.
    3. For OS X native Open Office support try NeoOffice, it works much better than the X11 install.
    4. I nigh-require tabbed terminal browsing, as I tend to have a shitload of terminals open at one time per my resume: iTerm supports this but is otherwise a slow piece of resource hogging shit.

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