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    enhanced interrogation techniques can help us fill in the blanks..., 2007-06-08 12:29:55 | Main | maybe i've just been out of the loop, but..., 2007-06-08 16:33:27

    my favorite time of year:

    is when the leaders of the so-called G8 get together to plot our slow plodding destruction, armed with the most boring boilerplate mankind has yet engineered to ward off inquiry into the important, inaccessible discussions taking place inside. We have it on good authority that the annual grinding of bones into flour amidst rites of ritual cannibalism take place here, ensuring their fat, bloated survival through the next winter, until war again springs eternal.

    But it's the protests that keep my toes warm. I realize it's frowned upon to say anything nice about the black bloc, but I think it's a healthy outlet for our militant minded activists. Conflict is human, after all. It's a sort of toss up between them and the NRA. To quote at least a few state constitutions, "the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive to the good and happiness of mankind." That's the sort of positive message I like to see our young people take to heart.

    Those so predisposed might get tangled up in the militia movement or some red army faction or seek outlets through the local fundie mosque, instead they're in a group that has a firm foundation in non-violence in preference to symbolic property destruction and civil miscreance. I'd rather the worst be the occasional rock thrown by an undercover cop at heavily armored riot police than a mushroom cloud.

    But they've got nothing on Tutte Bianche and the Ya Basta! folks. Innertubes and inflatable rubber duckies against the clenched batons of global capital! Truly inspiring.

    update: heh, at 1:40 the authorities escort one of their suspiciously black clad agents into the warm embrace of his riot gear clad cronies, according to bloomberg:

    police confirmed they had deployed an undercover officer to collect information about protesters' plans. Block G-8 members said yesterday that the official, wearing a black hood, acted as an "agent provocateur," trying to encourage demonstrators to throw stones. The police denied that the man provoked the crowd.

    This quote from a German foreign ministry official is extra clever:

    "They're against the G8 as an expression of globalisation. But if you look at the protesters, they've become globalised themselves."

    Gary Smith, director of the American Academy think tank in Berlin, added, "Their message was totally inarticulate. What does it mean to be anti-globalisation? It borders on nonsense."

    Very clever.

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