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    more shocking revelations:

    while the find gave experts much more information on the makings of the E.F.P.s, which the American military has repeatedly argued must originate in Iran, the cache also included items that appeared to cloud the issue. Among the confusing elements were cardboard boxes of the gray plastic PVC tubes used to make the canisters. The boxes appeared to contain shipments of tubes directly from factories in the Middle East, none of them in Iran. One box said in English that the tubes inside had been made in the United Arab Emirates and another said, in Arabic, "plastic made in Haditha," a restive Sunni town on the Euphrates River in Iraq.

    These PVC tubes make for an extremely convenient target of opportunity: we could stage military action from our Gulf Air Warfare Center in the UAE to bomb the insurgency-aiding PVC tube factory there. After that, we can go after the IAEA, 3,391 other sites like it, and other known HVTs culpable for the US military's not securing 380 tons of looted explosives that have been implicated in the killing over of 3,000 Americans in Iraq.

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