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    maybe i've been rockin the bar stool too hard:

    but can somebody out there in the internets explain to me what's so illegal about firing political appointees for political reasons?

    update: Hey look, Bob asks for me:

    BOB GARFIELD: So let's just say White House staffers are routinely using outside accounts. Is there any legal responsibility to use their government-issued email accounts?

    MELANIE SLOAN: There is, in fact. There's something called the Presidential Records Act that requires individuals who are employed in the White House by the Executive Office of the President to maintain all communications, all email correspondence. And if you are not using a White House account, which has an automatic backup system, then you are, in fact, in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

    BOB GARFIELD: But my understanding of the law was that there is no explicit mandate to use only White House email accounts for official communication.

    MELANIE SLOAN: Well, that's an interesting question. We sent a letter over to the Office of Administration in the Executive Office of the President to ask about their policies. There was, in fact, a very explicit policy in the Clinton Administration specifically prohibiting staff from using commercial email systems.

    BOB GARFIELD: Irrespective of whether it's actually illegal...

    And then, uh, unasks. Ok. These guys commit a couple high crimes a month and more misdemenors before breakfast than I hit the snooze button before noon. With all the shit floating around I really don't think violating an email policy is going to tip the bucket.

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