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    Matt Welch has a collection of gulf war III positions bisected by gulf war II positions, makes for interesting reading. A lot of folks make a point of how we went in the first place to defend a horrific despot from an attack by a horrific despot, and also to protect a third horrific despot by faking evidence that said despot was going to be attacked by the second horrific despot. In the meantime, with the first horrific despot in exile, rather than attempt the infusion of democratic rule we simply reinstated the first horrific despot, left a rebellion against the second out to dry, and enrage the population living under the rule of the third by occupying the country. Terrific.

    I was 14 at the time and didn't take up politics until well after the war, so I was religiously apathetic - I was actually at some drivelling religious instruction of the Catholic variety when the war started - I remember feeling concerned but that was about it. In hindsight that war was a gross failure on many counts, and occurred in the first place because of many gross failures. A bit like WWII on that last count, it was a just war but could just as well have been avoided, and could just as well have resulted in better outcomes for those we were purportedly seeking to protect, unless you happen to be, say, the CEO of Haliburton.

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