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    windfall tax subsidies for the biggest financial corporations..., 2008-11-10 18:22:33 | Main | if there's anything worth rescuing somebody else will..., 2008-11-11 15:33:43

    like a hummer with teeth:

    By my count, there are 56 open GM factories in the United States and 54 scattered across the rest of the planet.

    General Motors' Director of Economic Policy, Thomas Walton, joined the global warming denial think tank the Heartland Institute in 2001. Bob Lutz, the Vice Chairman of Global Product Development, is of the opinion that global warming "is a crock of shit" and doesn't "believe in the CO2 theory".

    General Motors spews propaganda into the media as "news" and spends millions of dollars every year directly lobbying our government.

    It puts its money where its heart is: it's been a long time contributor to almost every crackpot anti-environmental hack shop or think tank one could probably think of - from Tech Central Station, the Reason Foundation, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Heartland Institute, the Heritage Foundation, Citizens for a Sound Economy, to the finally defunct Global Climate Coalition - that has been in the business of opposing every effort to force GM to adopt a sustainable business plan. Then they follow up decades of opposition to sound environmental policies that would have made them more competitive by lying about their own record.

    Their business plan has basically amounted to trashing the environment and then blaming their employees' union for their own poor business decisions.

    General Motors has been fucking America in the goatass for over half a century. How are we going to repay them when they're on the ropes, better off left for dead? Ready to be broken up, bought up, and chewed up by other capitalists who couldn't possibly be less scientifically illiterate than the present management, paving the way for some actual American innovation in the auto industry?

    Barack Obama would ask us to help them survive in order to save all those factory jobs in Mexico and Canada, rather than let one American auto worker find employment in the same factories under new, undoubtably better, management. That way GM can survive to throw its massive political clout against his health care plan, his environmental agenda, his tax policies, and lobby to ensure he doesn't get any funny ideas about expanding social security to replace the private pension plans the big automakers bitch and moan about every day in the business pages.

    Now repeat this post word for word with a few names changed, substituting "General Motors" with "Ford" and "Chrysler", and you've got a trifecta.

    Way to seize the moment, Barry.

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