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    john bolton:

    on the previous note of noting how it hardly matters much if Wolfowitz is appointed to head the World Bank, it hardly matters much if Bolton is confirmed to the UN - they could appoint Bill Clinton and he's still going to vote the way the Administration tells him to vote - and I'm quite happy that they are attempting to appoint him, because - since the Administration's role in the WMD intelligence fuck up has been explicitly white washed from any of the investigative commissions - it's finally bringing at least a little of that dirty laundry out to the clothes line. The people who really oppose these appointments, I think, seem to care less about what we do than how we look doing it.

    update: the appointment of John Bolton would be a good thing, removing him from his present, influential, post as Undersecretary of State for Arms Control by promoting him to the relatively influenceless position of UN Ambassador could only be improved upon by throwing the guy in the hole for perjury.

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