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    understatement of the academic year..., 2008-03-18 21:54:18 | Main | one day ready..., 2008-03-20 17:01:28

    it takes an ivy league:

    In a working paper already getting press Radha Iyengar and Jonathan Monten have proven beyond all doubt what we've known all along to be true, the media is soley responsible for 5-10% of our momentous success in Iraq. I'm being too generous, perhaps: I mean, who could have ever looked at the occupation of Iraq and thought "insurgent groups are not devoid of reason and unresponsive to outside pressures and stimuli"? It's crazy talk! Why does the press love the insurgency? Why this hate for America? The contradictions are clear: to preserve our freedom and way of life we must abolish our freedom and way of life. Now is the time not for caveats! Now is the time for victory abroad so that we may defeat the existential threat of our own freedom! Etc.

:: posted by buermann @ 2008-03-19 23:36:28 CST | link

      Delightful! I can assume then, that my pro-occupation, pro-war blog commenting has had a discouraging effect. I'm not the MSM, of course, but I am part of the anti-liberal bias media revolution and even a teaspoon in a hurricane can make a difference.

      You islamohomofascisticocommies better get with the program. You especially, buermann. Your anti-American snark excites evil quarks. You, sir, are tampering with very fabric of existence! And doing so to the benefit of Saddam bin Laden.

    posted by Rev_Plunderman @ 2008-03-20 18:26:55 | link

    go ahead, express that vague notion

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