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    It's like somebody invented a government works program for idle NRA members:

    Of the nearly $100 million the federal government spent on all "predator control" in 2005, $40 million was earmarked for safeguarding agriculture; $15 million of that went to specifically protect livestock from predators by hunting them from aircraft, poisoning them or slaying them in other ways. Farmers and ranchers have spent almost $200 million more on non-lethal predator controls.

    US Department of Agriculture records show that in 2005, coyotes, wolves, bears and other non-human predators accounted for the deaths of only 190,000, or about one-fifth of one percent of cattle, out of a total population of 104.5 million.

    Conversely, non-predator causes aside from slaughter by humans accounted for 3.86 million cattle lost during 2005. Respiratory problems were the leading cause of death, claiming over 1 million cattle, followed by digestive problems, which killed almost 650,000.

:: posted by buermann @ 2006-05-17 16:27:06 CST | link

      One hundred million bucks could purchase a mess of albuterol inhalers and Pepto-Bismol. I am mystified as to why APhA hasn't capitalized on this.

    posted by leahaz @ 2006-05-20 16:54:09 | link

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