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    Iraqis: 'don't leave! we are not yet finished bringing it on':

    This poll reveals that 51% of Iraqis support attacks on coalition troops, but only 35% want us to leave immediately (down significantly from September). This seems to imply that some 16% of Iraqis now want foreign troops to stick around so that insurgents can continue killing them. I think this serves as a dramatic illustration of our recent great success that has perhaps gone unappreciated.

    The majority position of both the Iraqi and American public has been - and for a very long time - a timetable for withdrawal. For the Iraqis since the first polls; e.g., the CPA's own poll in the Spring of '04; or the Zogby poll in August of '03 when 65% wanted withdrawal within a year. Americans have been slightly slower on the draw, but really it shouldn't matter what the fuck Americans think about their occupying said Iraqis' country to begin with, except in the context of making funny faces at our rotten political establishment, which clearly continues to believe it owns Iraq.

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