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    From what I've read the additional sanctions against Iran passed today in the UNSC entailed additional arms sales restrictions and targeted the Revolutionary Guard Corps. In the scheme of things this is of no great consequence unless you suspect that the US is trying to ratchet down on Iran in preparation for a military campaign, in which case this might render them more defenseless to our flying robot armies than they already are.

    Iran's deal with Turkey and Brazil was fair enough, but I also gather that Iran did not agree to setting an upper limit on its own uranium enrichment. They need 20% LEU for their medical research reactor, of course, and the idea was to supply it through third parties, but by reserving the right to independently enrich it to those levels the deal didn't really serve to diminish anybody's greatly inflated and grossly exaggerated concerns that they're seeking nuclear weapons.

    Were there any indication that the "international community" as such were keen to respect Iran's rights to develop nuclear power it would be hard not to take their refusal to set an upper limit well below otherwise legitimate enrichment levels as some indication of intent to develop nuclear weapons. That's not the world we live in, however, and instead it's just as valid to take it as an indication that they're not going to give up their bargaining position without exchanging it in return for some recognition of their right to develop nuclear power.

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