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    From the only effort I've seen..., 2003-02-27 00:00:00 | Main | The WMD ain't in the details, ..., 2003-02-27 00:00:00

    Interesting, or something, discussion on oil and more oil at Stand Down, in consideration of the usual hits on anti-war movements when they involve folks carrying 'no blood for oil' placards. Read the appropriate energy and security policy documents and it isn't so euphimistic a plea - yet it's still annoying. The modern realist school of political philosophy argues that the current middle east policy was arranged between Clinton and Bush Sr. a decade ago to establish once and for all a contiguous Eratz Americana in the Holy Land - in which Bushgore was merely the pawn in a contest of cruel pranks between Ivy League rivals.

    The result of the "bipartisan" plan would force the Messiah out of his hole to look for his long lost shadow - an event closely linked to Michael Jackson's fascination with Peter Pan and the two-dimensional representations of the "humanitarian case", occasionally referred to as the Iraqi population. Upon finding his shadow in the light of Bushgore's subpar "tactical" nukes the Messiah would suck the earth's religious fundementalists up into his cavernous gullet through a tiny bar straw, and the rest of humanity - absent their faith-impaired counterparts - would enjoy six thousand years of David Letterman reruns before willingly converting themselves into batteries for a supra-intelligent robot named Giganto, out of nothing more than pure nihilistic boredom.

    Should the Messiah fail to see his shadow at the time appointed by the Lord Bushgore's lieutenant Rumsfeldowitz, then shall a wave of disease, famine, and war befall humanity, and - pending further developments in theoretical cosmology - things will go on more or less as they have for more or less ever.

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