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    In order to prevent the use of WMD we must use them. If anybody else were to make such plans public (as one Washington paper headlined weeks ago, "WE WILL NUKE YOU") it'd be considered blackmail. If nothing else the administration is consistently illogical. The only condition under which the US is likely to use nukes is if someone uses WMD against the US, the only likely situation under which this will occur is if the US invades Iraq and Saddam, assuming he has them, uses WMD against US troops or Israel (although he didn't during the Gulf War, although he could very well have). I find both prospects rather frightening, and it reminds me of a line from an old tune called Nikolina, a nice little love song where Papa beats the young lover with a cane under the full moon where Nikolina and said young man had arranged to meet, and she writes to him, "Why don't you just wait until the old man dies".

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