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    I was watching some show on CNNfn the other night, husband and wife team I think, and they had on this rather punctilious fellow from the PEW polling group on to discuss the latest results about how popular the neighborhood bully is. After he put in his brief bit about Moroccans, Pakistanis and Jordanians holding the bully in rather low esteem the wife's lesser half got a nuclear wedgie that had a dramatic affect on the operation of his piehole, which gushed and spewed out the most lamentable utterances of a mildly insulted mob don. So ungrateful after all we've done for them! We send our boys and girls over their to die and they kick us in the teeth like this. Well let's leave then, let em eat dirt. Or something to that effect. Very noble attitude, I thought. If it had been the Iraqis telling us in no uncertain terms to leave then I'd hardly be one to disagree, after all it is kind of their country somewhat more so than ours. Of course, the question should be, if we're going to stay what are we going to do while we're there? Impose an economic system invented in the corridors of K Street and sell Iraqi assets off to foreigners? Sounds great, we'll get back to you on the whole democracy thing.

    Here's some tea leaves to stare at, broken down by the three major factions, or broader national results [pdf, via Salam]. Our reading, with help from a deck of tarot cards: Iraqis like the Japanese, have no confidence in the US at all, but aren't ones to let shoddy government dampen a sunny disposition.

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