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    tal afar..., 2005-09-07 15:32:37 | Main | the government that governs best..., 2005-09-07 21:21:46

    I've recieved an unsolicited questionaire from Friends of Hillary. First question, rank in order of importance:

    • Economy/Jobs
    • Evironment
    • Social Security/Medicare
    • Education
    • Homeland Security
    • Health Care
    • Tax Cuts
    • Reproductive Rights
    • Separation of Church and State

    Hmm. What subjects relevant to her influence over national policy might be missing? I'm looking through the rest of it and can't really imagine how it would actually render useful data for shaping a senate campaign let alone a presidential bid, but what do I know. "Are you more concerned about: ___ lower taxes ___ balanced budgets": how about how you jackasses spend it?

:: posted by buermann @ 2005-09-07 20:36:13 CST | link

      Doing evil things to people in other countries is, sadly, non-negotiable. Besides, there's no connection to what we do to them and what they wish to do to us in consequence.

    posted by Harry @ 2005-09-08 02:33:12 | link

      Hillary's friends are neoliberal sadists. If they're truly interested in pushing their neoconservatism on steroids into the White House they'll need a less tainted shill. Maybe they can convince Arnie to switch sides when he's done vetoing gays into second-class status.

    posted by Diane @ 2005-09-08 07:42:21 | link

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